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It's time for EAMCET again. A high time for great pressure on students and their parents. Lot of misconceptions and misinterpretations occur due to the anxiety of the students and their parents in some cases & lack of proper information resources on the other hand. NetBadi brings you the ultimate resources for any EAMCET aspirant to excel in his examination and attain his desirable rank with which he can build his bright future with an admission into a top engineering/medical college.


NetBadi offers tools & resources for almost everything that an EAMCET preparation demands. Right from Intermediate Public Examinations (IPE) preparation, as it has got 25% weightage, a student can find everything on this website. For IPE preparation, NetBadi has Question Bank, a database of frequently asked questions in IPE sorted according to their type and difficulty, subjectwise. For students of rural Andhra Pradesh where there is no scope for commercial EAMCET coaching, we have placed quite a good number of self tutoring video lectures, which immensely help the students in his preparation. This provided equal opportunity for those students with rural background and eliminates the socio economical barrier to exel in competitive examinations competing with those students in the cities and towns. Old question papers for EAMCET have been published. This database contains questions papers from the past 12 years.


Calculating weightages and equivalent marks for EAMCET has been a confusing task over the past couple of years. Hence NetBadi offers its users a weightage calculator and an 100 equivalent calculator for EAMCET, which computes your equivalent score for 100 provided you give your IPE marks and your EAMCET score. Then we have the rank estimator tool, first of its kind for EAMCET. Give your IPE weightage and your score in EAMCET or your 100 equivalent score, it will display your predicted rank. Interesting... Isn't it? Next in line is the mock counselling application, to know the most probable college in which you can gain an admission.


The College Information System (CIS) provides you with up to date information on all the colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Have you got something to ask? We are most willing to take up your question. You can use the Ask A Question section to talk to the experts and post your queries there. Don't be left out in darknes. Open up and learn new things. Over 1500+ questions have already been answered.


Confused about choosing the right branch for you? Check out the Courses section that focusses on career guidance. It has got information like the future scope of a branch, scope for higher studies, employment opportunities, basic average pay etc...


And finally... Happy Support. Just click on the feedback & support button on the right side of this window to contact support and request assistance, be it technical or subjectwise. We are always happy to help you :-)

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